No Man's Land Residency and "Nusantara Archive" Project

No Man's Land Residency Project (May, 2017 - Arp, 2018) is based on three approaches: Artist Residency, Cultural Translation, and Collective-Production. NML will invite artists from Malay/ Indonesia Archipelago to Taiwan, for discussion to build up the Nusantara archive as the alternative framework for the art exchange practices between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. This open-to-all database is provided for the bilateral/ multilateral understandings among the art and culture exchange practices among these places, initiating the Nusantara genealogy as the reference point (instead of state-nation) to avoid the narrowness of nationalist ideology. For the first stage, we will invite artists to Taiwan and write their proposal for the future project to present at Meeting NML; for the second stage, we will send researchers to the respective space in this archipelago genealogy (Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan & Jogja, etc), to discuss with local knowledge circle and translate related documents to be published on NML. This project is sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW) in collaboration with the groups or individuals as below: ET@T(在地實驗), Rumah Attap Library(亞答屋84號圖書館), KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Open Contemporary Art Center, Hoo Fan Chun(符芳俊), Okui Lala(周盈貞), Alice Ko(柯念璞), Hsu Fang-tze(許芳慈), Syafiatudina; special thanks to Huang Wen-hao, Au Sow Yee, Hsu Fang-tze, Zikri Rahman & Buku Jalanan, Show Ying Xin, and Wu Chi-yu.